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Instructor Cain Yentzer 

Yuan Mountain, Taipei Taiwan


New Beginners Workshop/Downtown Fredrick/starting in septemb

What students are saying about cain

 "Excellent instruction, presented with patience and compassion. Highly recommended. "

~ Craig Cavin

" I have been in several classes with Cain Yentzer and am thoroughly impressed with his teaching ability and patience. I have several physical limitations yet have grown stronger, more flexible, much more stable on my feet and am learning to think with my body as well as my mind. Not only does he teach you specific movements but explains why they are important. I wish I had started learning these skills years ago. With this class you will become stronger, more stable on your feet and learn to protect yourself as well. A number of my family and friends have noticed my physical improvements. I have happily added this to my regular routine and would recommend his classes to everybody regardless of age and ability. Thanks"

 ~ Mary Rippeon 

 "The instructor teaches the essence of tai Ji movements with great patience. He breaks each movement down to the simplest positions so the student can remember what they learned. His example is repeated many times. I appreciate his instruction ." 

~ Earnest Alvin Heller


 "After three back surgeries and a hip replacement, I was left with poor leg strength and began developing balance problems that caused me to fall quite often. Three months of physical therapy helped only marginally. Having read about the health benefits of tai chi, I wanted to find the best teacher within driving distance. I found Cain Yentzer and, although his classes are an hour drive away for me, learning tai chi from him has been the best health care decision I’ve made in years! His attention to the fundamentals - balance, weight distribution, and body position awareness - resulted in nearly immediate improvement. After only a few lessons I stopped falling and my leg strength has improved tremendously. I can even stand on one leg to tie my other shoe! And, perhaps, even more importantly, I’m learning tai chi from an extraordinarily skilled practitioner who had himself been taught in Taiwan by Masters of the art. For physical improvement, mental discipline, and better grounding in life, I cannot recommend Cain’s classes highly enough!" 

~  Christopher Hoff


"Cain Yentzer is a very knowledgeable and informative instructor. The pacing of his class is great for all levels.  Since taking this class, I feel I have a better control and awareness of my body's movements. I highly recommend Cain Yentzer's class due to his effective teaching methods. "

~ Diane Kantner

"I am so grateful to have found an authentic Taiji instructor.  The movements in Taiji are so subtle and taught with great patience and understanding of the inner experience as well as the outward appearance. I recommend this teacher to everyone."

~ Theresa Heller


learning Tai-Chi with Cain Yentzer/Spinal Stenosis and Hip replacement

 Tai-Chi student Christopher Hoff talks about his experience learning Tai-Chi with Cain Yentzer and how it helped him with his spinal stenosis and regaining his balance after a hip replacement. 


 Tai-Chi student Pat Oland talks about how learning Tai-Chi with Cain Yentzer has helped her regain use of her foot after 20 years of living with Drop Foot. 




What is Tai-Chi?

Tai-Chi is an ancient martial art created hundreds of years ago. It is part of a group of martial arts that are refferred to as "Internal". This is due to the fact that in the pratice of Tai-Chi one cultivates an energy called "Jin" or intrinsic energy and not outward muscular force as in so called "external" styles of martial arts. It is based in the Doaist Philosophy of oposing forces or energies called Yin and Yang. Tai-Chi is an extremely accessible form of exercise for all ages and health conditions. Instead of exercising and training idividual muscle groups as is done in most typical kinds of exercise, a practitioner is taught to release any muscular tension. Tai-Chi relys on posture, breathe, concentration of mind and cultivation of Chi to not only  strengthen the body but to unify it as well. 


Can I do Tai-Chi?

Tai-Chi is accessible to everyone. It is a non-impact exercise that focuses on being soft with the movements being practiced very slowly.

 Photo by Anthony Metcalfe 


How does Tai-Chi work to improve health?

Tai-Chi is about foundation work. It focuses on strengthening the legs, opening the hips and correcting structural issues with posture. This allows the upper body to straighten up and relax giving it an oppurtunity to heal. One should think of the feet, legs and hips as the foundation for the upper body which is the house where we live, if there is a problem with the foundation then there is going to be problems with the house. 


Photo by Luke Chesser 


Can I Practice Tai-Chi as a Martial art?

Yes. Tai-Chi at its heart is a martial art, but the training in Tai-Chi for the martial practice involves  more in-depth training.

About Cain

Cain Yentzer is an expert in the science and practice of Tai-Chi. First educated as a teenager in Washington D.C. at the Great River Taoist Center under Scott Rodell. He later moved to the Republic of China where he studied under Master Wang Yan-Nian at the National Tai-Chi Ch’uan Association. He lived in the Republic of China for 15 years where he established his school Inner Court Tai-Ji. He has moved back in 2016 to to teach Tai-Chi to Americans. 

How Cain Teaches New Beginners


It is all about principles

Tai-Chi is not a form. It is a set of principles practiced by doing a form. Learning a form in a traditional manner can be very difficult and time consuming. Cain starts students off with the basic body mechanics and an obtainable small part of the form called "Grasp the Sparrow's Tail". From there the principles of Tai-Chi are investigated by students through practice, investigation and getting corrections from the Teacher.  

New Beginners Form

  • Part of New Beginners Class curriculum, "Grasp the Sparrows Tail" is a series of four movements taught to brand new students. It allows one to explore the principles of Tai-Chi without having to learn a complete form.


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